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Funky Ford Focus

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Funky Ford Focus

Some 2006-2009 Ford Focus vehicles built on or after 10-3-2005 may experience a leaking and/or noisy power steering concern. This may be due to a damaged O-ring seal at the power steering reservoir-to-pump body, causing a low fluid level or fluid aeration.

NOTE: If any power steering components have been recently services or the system has been operated below minimum fluid level, the power steering system purging procedure should be completed prior to performing the following procedure.

1. Inspect P/S fluid level. If level is low, proceed to Step 2. If fluid level is OK, proceed to Step 3.

2. Inspect the P/S system for a leak condition at the P/S fluid reservoir-to-pump connection for signs of leakage. If a leak is found, proceed to Step 3. If not, this procedure does not apply.

3. Remove the P/S fluid reservoir following service manual Section 211-02.

4. Inspect the P/S pump reservoir inlet bore for burrs or damage. If minor burrs are found, these may be corrected by using fine grit (240 or finer) emery paper. If larger burrs are found, replace the P/S pump as outlined in the manual, Section 211-00. If the inlet bore is free from burrs or damage, replace the reservoir O-rings. Replacement O-rings are available as P/N 6S4Z-3F886-A (2 required).

5. Lubricate the O-rings with MERCON V or equivalent. Reinstall the P/S pump and reservoir assembly.

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