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Hot Mazda hybrid

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Hot Mazda hybrid

This TSB applies to 2008 Mazda Tribute Hybrid vehicles. Some vehicles may exhibit a red triangle light and codes indicating a transaxle over-temp. This condition may result in reduced power as the system activates fail-safe operation. Various DTCs may also be set:

  • P1A0E (hybrid powertrain control module – motor disabled
  • P1A0F (hybrid powertrain control module – vehicle disabled
  • P0A3C (drive motor A inverter over temperature)
  • P0A3E (generator inverter over temperature)
  • P0A7A (generator inverter performance)
  • P0A7C (motor electronic over temperature)
  • P1A0D (hybrid powertrain control module – generator disabled)

This repair procedure is NOT applicable to loss of engine coolant or base engine overheat concerns.

Verify the customer concerns and check coolant levels in the coolant degas bottle.\

2. After verifying the motor electronics cooling system (MECS) coolant is at the proper level and condition, raise and support the vehicle on a hoist. With the ignition key in the run position, use a stethoscope to verify operation of the MECS pump.

3. If the pump is not running, go to Step 4. If the pump is running, verify coolant flow into the MECS degas bottle. If there is no coolant flow into the degas bottle, verify that hoses are not pinched or twisted. If no issues are found, replace the pump with a new service kit. If there is coolant flow into the degas bottle, this TSB may not apply. Follow normal diagnosis and repair for an overheating condition.

4. If the pump is not running, tap the housing and listen for the pump to turn on. If the pump turns on after tapping, replace the pump with a new service kit. If the pump does not turn on after tapping, go to Step 5.

5. Verify that power is available to the pump and that the connector at the MECS pump is fully seated. If the connection to the pump is good and system voltage is available to the pump, replace the pump with a new service kit. If power is not available to the pump, perform MS3 pinpoint test (section 05-17b).

NOTE: The pump service kit is available as P/N ZZCB-15-010A.

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