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Ford trans relearn

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Ford trans relearn

Some 2009-2010 Ford Expedition and Navigator vehicles built on or before 5-1-2010 and 2009-2010 F-150 vehicles built on or before 2-1-2010 and equipped with the 5.4L 3V engine and 6R80 transmission may exhibit a delayed-then-harsh downshift during a commanded downshift at speeds above 40 mph.

1. Install Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS)/Portable Diagnostic Software (PDS) or equivalent and ID vehicle.

2. Reprogram the powertrain control module (PCM)/transmission control module (TCM) calibration using IDS release 67.03 and higher. This new calibration is not included in the VCM 2010.5 DVD. Calibration files may also be obtained at
NOTE: The TCM cannot be independently reprogrammed. Reprogram using the PMI function to ensure that engine and transmission calibrations are updated to the latest level simultaneously.
 a. Verify that the TCM calibration is AL3P-7J104-AC for all vehicles except the F-150 4x4, which requires AL3P-7J104-BC.
  b. From the IDS tool, select Toolbox, then Powertrain, then OBD Test Modes, then Mode Level 9 Vehicle Info, then TCM Cal Part Number.
3, Clear TCM keep alive memory (KAM) and adaptive tables. NOTE: It is critical that TCM KAM is cleared for this procedure to be fully effective.
  a. Using IDS, Open Toolbox, then choose Powertrain, then choose TCM, then choose Reset KAM.
  b. Using PDS, choose all Tests and Calibrations. Scroll down the menu and choose reset TCM KAM.
NOTE: For PDS, reset TCM KAM is not the same as clear transmission adaptive tables, which is under the powertrain-transmission menu tree. Unhooking the battery will not clear the TCM KAM. It is critical that TCM KAM is cleared prior to relearning the adaptive tables for the transmission. Do not clear the PCM KAM.
4. Verify that the transmission fluid temperature PID is above 175 degrees Fahrenheit. If is is not at 175 degrees F, drive the vehicle for approximately three miles to reach temperature. Transmission fluid temperature must be at 175 degrees F or above before proceeding to Step 5.

5. Perform adaptive shift strategy learn on a level road surface.
  a. Accelerate from a stopped position with light throttle to 15 mph and remove your foot from the accelerator pedal.
  b. Brake very gently to a complete stop and wait at least six seconds while stopped.
  c. Repeat steps a-b five times.
  d. Accelerate from rest with light throttle ensuring that the 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4 shifts occur at engine speeds between 1,700-2,000 rpm.
  e. Continue to accelerate until you achieve 50 mph or the 5-6 upshift.
  f. Brake gently to a complete stop and hold your foot on the brake for 10 seconds.
  g. Repeat steps d-f three times.
NOTE: Several days of driving are required for the transmission to fully adapt.

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