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VW remote diagnosis

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VW remote diagnosis

This TSB applies to all VW vehicles from 1998-2009. Remote control key issues may include inconsistent operation, inoperative remote control, only the lock button is functional and/or DTC 00956 005 (no or incorrect basic settings/adaptation…result of lost synchronization).

Proper diagnosis of remote control key functionality is critical before replacement of the remote.


A5 Jetta, GTI/Rabbit, Eos, Tiguan, Jetta Sport Wagen

  • Switch ON ignition with spare key.
  • Unlock driver door manually by inserting the main key in the driver door lock cylinder.
  • Press unlock button once on remote.
  • Remove spare key from ignition lock cylinder.
  • Close driver door and verify remote function.

(B6) Passat Sedan, Wagon & CC

  • Unlock driver door manually with spare emergency key.
  • Switch ON ignition with main key.
  • Care must be taken when removing the cover from the door handle to expose the lock cylinder

Touareg & Phaeton

  • Unlock driver door manually using door lock cylinder.
  • Switch ON ignition.

 (B5) Passat, Passat Wagon, A4 Golf/Jetta, Euro Van, City Golf/Jetta, New Beetle

  • Press lock or unlock button ONE TIME for one second.
  • Vehicle remains locked.
  • Control unit recognizes only one key code via the master key.
  • Lock or unlock vehicle with master key.
  • Procedure is complete.

If remote is still inoperative, perform the following:

  • Remove battery from remote.
  • Perform a capacitive discharge by pressing down for five seconds any button on remote with battery removed.
  • Install new battery and reassemble remote.
  • Verify remote operation.

If the remote remains inoperative, perform ALL of the following:

  • Remove the new battery from the remote and verify that surface voltage is at least 3.0V.
  • Perform an additional capacitive discharge by pressing down any button on the remote for 5 seconds with the battery removed. This will erase the battery memory of the remote.
  • Reinstall the new battery and reassemble the remote. Verify that the red LED is illuminating when a button is pressed.
  • Reprogram the remote using VAS 5051/5052.
  • - If remote remains inoperative and all diagnostic avenues have been exhausted, replace the remote.


  • Do not attempt to reuse the original battery regardless of battery voltage. A new battery must be installed.
  • Do not attempt to separate key portion from remote on a Touareg or Phaeton. There is a removable cover to access the battery,
  • Pressing down on any button of the remote for five seconds, before installing the replacement battery, will erase the battery memory of the remote. If this is not done, the remote will be inoperative.
  • There is no need to program the remote if the battery is removed for testing or replacement. However, if another problem exists, proper diagnosis needs to take place before the remote is replaced.

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