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Audible Audi creak

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Audible Audi creak

Owners of 2008-2010 Audi R8 vehicles may complain about a creaking noise from the rear of the vehicle. Also, the third brake light lens may crack but function properly. The clips of the additional brake light may rub on the lens.

1. Press or wiggle the additional brake light to verify the customer noise concern. If able to duplicate the noise, follow the steps here to replace the light.

2. Prior to installing the new brake light (P/N 420 945 097 B), refer to the last 11 characters of the VIN.

3. For vehicles from chassis number 42_9N001104, install new brake light 420 945 097 B without modification. The body of the vehicle was shaped to fit the new light.

4. For vehicles up to and including chassis number 42_9N001103, adhere to the following instructions to modify the brake light prior to installation.

5. Remove the two aluminum plates of the new light.

6. In place of the aluminum plates, apply dampening material, using dampening disc 8E0 260 329. Cut four rectangular strips from the disc, 3cm x 8mm.

7. The strips must be installed as shown in Figure 3. A portion of the material must be placed under the seal of the additional brake light. The seal is compressed during installation. Correct installation of the strips will keep the body of the vehicle from contacting the light housing.

8. The remaining strips must be installed on the corners of the additional light. Push the strips under the seal as shown in Figure 4.

9. Brush all four strips with wax (P/N D 308 SP5 A1) and install the light according to the repair manual.

10. Ensure that the additional brake light is correctly installed. The corners of the brake light must not touch the body.

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