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Volvo knock

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Volvo knock

This TSB applies to Volvo S70/V70 vehicles. A knocking or grinding sound may be heard from the steering column when driving on uneven surfaces, when turning and/or at start-up and stop. This may be caused by the locating pin on the Hardy disc catching in its bushing. A service solution has been developed requiring replacement of the Hardy disc, wing screw and flange nut with service kit P/N 9475257-3.

Remove the underdash soundproofing panel.

Position the front wheels in a straight-ahead position. Mark the position with a matchmark. Turn the steering wheel so that one of the bolts for the coupling disc is accessible and remove the bolt and nut. Turn the steering wheel to its first position and remove the other bolt and nut for the coupling disc.

Prepare to install the new Hardy disc. Remove the transport pin from the locating pin. Lubricate the entire locating pin with grease from the service kit. Install sleeves (2xF) and (2xG).

Install the Hardy disc. Check steering shaft position. Install the shoulder bolt and nut loosely. Tighten the screw C to 18 ft.-lbs. Unlock the steering wheel. Tighten the disc bolts D to 18 ft.-lbs. Tighten the wing screw B and nut to 26 ft.-lbs.

Install the underdash soundproofing panel. Test drive to verify the repair.

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