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Rover Smart Key

This TSB applies to 2012 Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover LR4 and Range Rover Sport. 

Customers are complaining that "Smart key not found" message is being displayed intermittently in the IPC (Instrument Pack message center). This could be happening when closing doors or pressing the start button, and they are then not able to start any of the above vehicle lines.

Also, if the vehicle engine is already running and the Smart Key Not Found message is displayed, this will be because a door has been opened and closed and a further scan for the key has taken place. The key may have moved during the drive to an area in which it can no longer be found by the RFA.

The dealer then replaces the Smart Key in the belief that the Smart Key is faulty.


JLR have discovered a hole in the RF signal tuning inside the vehicle, when the Smart Key is placed in a particular location / orientation / position e.g.

* On L538 this could happen if the key is in the center console cupholder area.

* On L320, L319 & L322 if the key is placed on the center console by the clock or HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) control module. This happens when key scanning takes place by closing a door, trunk or pressing the start button and the RFA (Remote Function Actuator) is not able to detect the Smart Keys whereabouts.


When the Smart Key Not Found message is displayed, make a note (if possible) of the exact location / orientation position of the Smart Key when the message was displayed. Remove it from that location and place the Smart Key next to the IAU (Immobilizer Antenna Unit).

Press the start button once the Smart Key Not Found message has cleared from the IPC, If the user does not allow the "Smart Key Not Found" message to clear, the IAU will not perform a Smart Key Scan and the vehicle will not start.

After confirming that all Smart Keys are functioning as required, instruct the customer that JLR are testing a revised fix for the Smart Key Not Found concern and will release this software fix in the near future. In the meantime place the key in another location that does not result in Smart Key Not Found being displayed.

Under no circumstances should Smart Keys be replaced for intermittent reports from customers for Smart Key Not Found messages being displayed, unless after following the above process the key will not function.

Please also note: Some Smart Keys are more susceptible to this error state more then others, but are all working to the design limitations of the system. A future SDD patch update will be communicated identifying the fix to update the RFA software.

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