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Multiple Honda jump starts

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Multiple Honda jump starts

This TSB applies to 2012 Honda Civic and CR-V vehicles. The battery may be dead and needs multiple jump starts in order to start the engine. Aside from the obvious concerns regarding battery age, vehicle storage period, faulty alternator, sulfated battery, parasitic draw or loose battery cables, a probable cause is the PCM not selecting the correct charge mode. The vehicle’s battery sensor monitors battery condition and the PCM determines charging mode. Based on customer driving habits and sulfation, the PCM may not be able to select the correct charge mode.

NOTE: Before beginning the repair, make sure that both the HDS and MVCI are updated with the latest PGM-FI software.

  1. Check the condition of the battery using the GR8 (software version 192-210007K or later). If necessary, replace the battery before updating the PGM-FI software.
  2. If the GR8 diagnostics leads to a failed component such as the battery, alternator or starter, repair as necessary prior to updating the software.
  3. Connect the HDS to the vehicle and check the Consumption Current History. If the current consumption is between 19.9 and 29.9 ma, go to Step 4 and update the PGM-FI software. If the consumption is greater than 29.9 ma, this bulletin does not apply. Continue with normal diagnostics to find the excess draw. You can find the consumption current history under the Select Mode menu.
  4. Update the PGM-FI software.

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