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OnStar disabled?

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OnStar disabled?

When servicing the 2000-2008 Saturn equipped with Digital OnStar, and a battery cable is disconnected or power to the OnStar vehicle communication interface module (VCIM) is interrupted for any reason, the following procedure must be performed to verify proper Global Positioning System (GPS) function. NOTE: This also applies to all 2000-2008 GM vehicles equipped with OnStar.

  1. Move the vehicle into an open area of the service lot.
  2. Sit in the vehicle with the engine running and the radio turned on for five minutes.
  3. Press the OnStar button in the vehicle.
  4. When the OnStar advisor answers, ask the advisor to verify the current location of the vehicle.

If the vehicle location is different than the location the OnStar advisor provides, contact GM Technical Asssitance and choose the OnStar prompt. GM OnStar TAC will assist in the diagnosis of a failed VCIM, and if appropriate, order a replacement part. The faulty part must be returned to avoid a non-return core charge.

IMPORTANT: Never swap OnStar VCIM from another vehicle, as each OnStar module has a unique identification number.

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