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Engine won’t start in park

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Engine won’t start in park

On some 2004-2011 Mazda3 vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission, the shift position lamp in the instrument cluster does not illuminate in the “P” position, and the engine does not start.

However, the engine can be started in the “N” position. This is due to rust on the connecting point of the shift cable and lock cable lever, causing the select lever not to move to the location where it is recognized as “P” range.

There is no issue about the transmission reaching Park. This is only an issue about confirming the “P” indicator in the instrument cluster. A slit on the mud guard has been removed to prevent salt water from getting to the location where rust would occur.

Verify the concern. Verify that rust appears on the connecting point of the shift cable and lock lever, then replace the lock lever with the modified one.

NOTE: When removing or installing the lock nut, always be sure to hold the lock cable lever with an adjustable wrench to avoid damaging the TR switch. If corrosion is present, apply penetrating oil to the shaft and nut threads before loosening. When loosening, if there is binding due to corrosion, work the nut back and forth until it comes off. When tightening the nut, tighten to 33.9 ft.-lbs. (31.4 Nm).


Lock cable lever……………….B2YE-46-310




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