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This TSB applies to BMW vehicles equipped with the N63 engine produced up to 2-15-2009. An affected N63 vehicle may intermittently exhibit any of the following conditions:

-          The engine is hard to start or may not start at all.

-          The engine runs rough and lacks or loses power.

-          A check control message “Engine Power Reduced” is displayed.

In these situations, if the key is cycled and the engine is restarted, it usually runs normally again.

The fault code 110001 (cylinder injection cut-out, pressure too low in the high pressure system) is stored in the DME.

Vapor lock in the fuel system could occur under certain engine operating conditions, which then would cause a drop in the low side fuel pressure.

If only “110001 cylinder injection cut-out” is stored, program the vehicle using ISTA/P2.33.1 or later.

The new DME software has a revised auxiliary fan control strategy and increases the low side fuel pressure at idle.

If other faults are stored related to the electric fuel pump control module (EKP), misfire, lean fuel trim, high or low fuel pressure regulation system faults, then complete the recommended test plans.

Note that ISTA/P will automatically reprogram and code all programmable control modules that do not have the latest software.

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