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Heavy-steer Jag

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Heavy-steer Jag

This TSB applies to 2010-2012 Jaguar XJ vehicles. The power steering system performance may not be as expected at low vehicle speed with DTC B12FB-12 stored in the body control module. This may be caused by software strategy in the BCM.

Required tools include IDS with the latest IDS-DVD and calibration file, first available on IDS-DVD131.01 calibration file 107, and a Jaguar-approved Midtronics Vehicle Power Supply.

CAUTION: Ensure that all ignition ON/OFF requests are carried out. Failure to perform these steps may cause damage to control modules. A Midtronics Vehicle Power Supply must be connected to the vehicle battery during IDS diagnosis/module programming.

  1. Connect the Midtronics Vehicle Power Supply to the vehicle battery.
  2. Turn the ignition ON (engine not running).
  3. Connect the IDS to the vehicle and begin a new Symptom Driven Diagnostics (SDD) session.
  4. Follow all screen prompts, allowing SDD to read the VIN and identify the vehicle.
  5. From the Session Type selection screen, choose “Diagnosis.”
  6. Select the “Selected Symptoms” tab, and then select Chassis>Steering system>Steering system symptoms>Steering too heavy.
  7. Select “Continue.”
  8. Select the “Recommendations” tab.
  9. From the Recommendations tab, select “Run” to configure existing module – body control module.
  10. Follow all on-screen instructions to complete this task.
  11. Exit the current session.
  12. Disconnect the IDS and the Midtronics power supply from the vehicle.

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