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Relays go green

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Relays go green

Some 2007-2008 Mitsubishi Outlander and 2008 Lancer vehicles may experience any or all of the following DTCs after the vehicle has been operated in very cold weather (approximately -5 degrees Fahrenheit or colder) after a short drive time of five to 10 minutes followed by a 15 to 20 minute cold soak:

P0657……….Relay ETV…..Throttle actuator motor relay circuit malfunction

P1590……….Relay A/T……TCM to ECM communication error in torque reduction request

U0101……….Relay A/T……CVT ECU timeout (CVT)

P0201-P0206…Injector……Injector circuit, cylinder 1-6

The customer may also complain of a no-start condition, however, dealers may find it difficult to recreate. The condition is caused by condensation freezing inside the relay, rendering it inoperative. Should you suspect very cold weather has caused either or both of these conditions in an affected vehicle, follow the procedures below and replace four relays with a modified type.

  1. Identify which type of relay is fitted in the relay box. If the vehicle is fitted with the “original Black Type,” continue with the following steps. If it is fitted with the “Modified Green Type,” diagnose the condition per the service manual.
  2. Using the MUTIII, read DTCs and record freeze frame data. Note if the data shows the intake air temperature at approximately -5 degrees F or colder.
  3. Erase any DTCs and start the engine.
  4. Check for provisional DTCs.
  5. If no DTCs are reset, perform the following steps to replace the relays.

NOTE: Only install a new relay in locations indicated in the photo.

Replace the following relays with the updated type from the parts information section of this bulletin.

-          A-18X A/T control relay.

-          A-21X throttle valve control servo relay.

-          A-24X injector relay.

-          A-27X starter relay.

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