Noisy Mazda rack

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Noisy Mazda rack

This TSB applies to 2011-2012 Mazda2 vehicles with VINs lower than JM1DE1*****140732 (produced before Dec. 10, 2011).

When driving straight on a rough road at approximately 6 mph to 19 mph, some vehicles may exhibit a rattle noise from the front passenger side floor.

  1. Verify the concern.
  2. Use special service tool ChassisEAR/EngineEAR II Combo JSP06608 or wireless ChassisEAR JSP97202 to confirm that the rattle noise is coming from the rack end bushing.
  3. If steps 1-2 apply, replace the steering gear assembly with P/N DF95-32-110A.
  4. Verify the repair.

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