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VW engine timing

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VW engine timing

This TSB applies to all 2008-2013 VW models. The customer may complain about engine rattling noises after starting, or no-starts. This may be the result of incorrect timing chain tension due to chain tensioner issues.

DTCs P0016 (crankshaft position vs. camshaft position correlation) and/or P0328 (knock sensor 1 circuit high input) may be stored. If the chain tensioner is at fault, the timing chain can skip and can cause contact between the pistons and valves.

If the timing chain is suspect, complete the DTC entries according to guided fault finding (GFF). Remove the lower timing chain cover and check the timing chain tensioner as follows:

-          Compress the tensioning rail of the timing chain by hand against the timing chain tensioner.

-          If the piston of the timing chain tensioner cannot be compressed by hand after several attempts, further engine diagnosis is required.

-          If the piston of the timing chain tensioner can be compressed by hand, the timing chain tensioner has failed and further engine diagnosis may be required.

-          If engine noises or no-start conditions remain, inspect pistons and valves for contact damage. If engine damage is noted, the cylinder head or engine may need to be replaced or rebuilt.

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