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Flashing Escape

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Flashing Escape

Some 2006 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner vehicles built between 10-3-2005 and 11-2-2005 equipped with fender-mounted side turn signal lamps may experience “fast flashing” (which normally indicates a burned-out bulb) of either the left, right or both turn signals even though a turn signal lamp is not burned out. In some cases, this “fast flashing” is immediately noticeable when the turn signal is activated. In other cases, the bulb will flash normally for quite some time before flashing at the faster rate.

The cause of this issue is an improperly set current threshold within the smart junction box (SJB) associated with the addition of side markers. The threshold was set too close to the normal operating range which in some cases means that the SJB senses less current than expected, thereby fast-flashing the turn signals.

Use the following service procedure to alter the programmable settings for the SJB using the Worldwide Diagnostic System (WDS) release B42.0 or higher to change the “Turn signal side markers” customer preference from “Equipped” to “Not equipped.” This will not affect proper operation of the turn signal side markers but will force the SJB to use a different threshold value that does not exhibit the fast-flash issue.

  1. Connect the WDS to the vehicle and follow all screens until the vehicle is identified and the WDS is at the main menu.
  2. Select “Toolbox.”
  3. Select “Module Programming.”
  4. Select “Programmable Parameters.”
  5. Select “Exterior lighting.”
  6. Select “Turn signal side markers.” The current setting will normally be shown as “Equipped.”
  7. Select the “Non Equipped” option.
  8. After the preference has been changed, verify that the fast flash turn signal issue has been corrected.

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