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Civic hybrid software update

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Civic hybrid software update

Three DTCs have been added for 2006-2009 Honda Civic Hybrids. These DTCs were not listed in the service manual and their descriptions were not in the HDS.

SAE DTC U0301 (Honda DTC 195-1)

Software incompatibility with ECM/PCM. The PGM-F1 software needs to be update.

SAE DTC U0302 (Honda DTC 195-2)

Software incompatibility with transmission control module. The CVT software needs to be updated.

SAE DTC U0312 (Honda DTC 195-18)

Software incompatibility with battery energy control module A. The IMA battery software needs to be updated.

On 2006-2009 Civic Hybrids, the latest software version for the PGM-F1, CVT and IMA battery systems requires that all systems have the most recent software updates. Bceuae of this, updating one system causes one or more other systems to set a DTC when you turn the ignition switch to LOCK and then to ON. The DTC(s) cannot be cleared until all systems are updated.

Update all systems as needed, turn the ignition switch to LOCK and then to ON, then clear all DTCs with the HDS.

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