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GM intermittent no-crank

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GM intermittent no-crank

In rare occurrences the 2009 Chevy Aveo and Pontiac G3 and Wave equipped with the 1.6L engine may experience an intermittent no-crank condition.

Follow this procedure to determine the proper repair:

-          Turn the key to the run/on position (do not start the engine).

-          Observe the MIL light in the IPC.

-          If the MIL is on, move the key to the off position.

-          Disconnect the positive battery cable for four seconds.

-          Reconnect the positive battery cable…keep the door open and observe the dome lamp to verify that battery connection is made.

Repeat this process 25 times, making sure to disconnect the positive battery cable each time. If the MIL light illuminates all 25 times, the engine control module (ECM) is powering up correctly. Continue normal diagnostics. If the MIL light fails to illuminate (you will also notice that the fuel gauge reads empty) during any one of the 25 key cycles, the ECM is not powering up correctly and should be replaced.

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