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Sticky Honda solenoid

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Sticky Honda solenoid

This TSB applies to all 2004 CR-V vehicles, 2005 CRVs made in Japan from VIN JHLRD…5C000001 through JHLRD…5C062481, all 2005 CR-Vs made in England with VINs beginning with SHS, and 2006 CR-Vs made in England from VIN SHSRD6…6U400001 through SHSRD6…6U401420  and from SHSRD7…6U400001 through SHSRD7…6U405865.

The MIL may be on with DTC P1077 (intake manifold runner control / intake manifold tuning system malfunction...low rpm).

The probable cause is a sticking IMT (intake manifold tuning system) solenoid valve. The corrective action involves replacing the IMT. The valve assembly is available under P/N 36163-PND-A01.

  1. Replace the IMT (IMRC) solenoid valve.
  2. Clear the DTC with HDS.
  3. Start the engine, press the accelerator pedal, and hold the engine at 3,000 rpm with no load (in Park or Neutral) until the radiator fan activates. If DTC P1077 is not stored again, the repair is complete.


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