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Mazda trunk lock

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Mazda trunk lock

This TSB applies to 1999-2002 Mazda Protégé vehicles. The trunk key may be difficult to insert or unable to turn the key or cylinder. The flap inside the trunk lock cylinder assembly may become loose or damaged, preventing proper locking and unlocking of the trunk. The cap and flap can be replaced separately.

  1. Verify the customer concern.

-          If the key cannot be inserted or if the cylinder cannot be rotated, key cylinder requires disassembly and removal of an obstruction. Proceed to Step 2. If the key cylinder flap is damaged and the key cylinder operates properly, proceed to Step 3.

  1. Remove the cylinder from the vehicle according to workshop manual section 09-14 SECURITY AND LOCKS. Pry off the key cylinder cap and flap. Discard the cap and flap. Remove the clip, lever and spring washer. Insert the key and remove the tumbler assembly. Note: If the key cannot be inserted completely, it will be necessary to depress the exposed tumblers to remove the tumbler assembly. On a clean work surface, remove each of the tumblers and place them in their specific sequence to insure that they will be installed in their original positions. Inspect for and remove al pieces of the broken flap. Reinsert the tumblers into their original slots. Insert the key into the tumbler. With the key still in the tumbler, insert the tumbler into the cylinder. Using the key, turn the tumbler inside cylinder until it seats completely into the cylinder and remove the key. Install the spring washer, lever and clip, and proceed to Step 5 (NOTE: Make sure the lever is facing in the correct direction).
  2. Remove the cylinder from the vehicle.
  3. Pry off the key cylinder cap and remove the flap from the tumbler.
  4. Install the new flap.
  5. Install the new cap. Make sure that the claws in the cap fit into the grooves of the cylinder.


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