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Honda: Chirp isn’t a bird

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Honda: Chirp isn’t a bird

This TSB applies to 2005 – 2008 Honda Accord, Odyssey and Pilot and 2006 – 2008 Ridgeline vehicles. A chirping sound may be coming from the lower timing belt area. The noise is most noticed at idle, usually after the engine has warmed up.

The probable cause is a tilted idler pulley mounting surface, causing the edge of the timing belt to rub against the side of the pulser flange on the drive pulley.

The corrective action involves installing a taper shim kit, and grinding a deeper relief on the engine mount bracket, if needed.

According to Honda, water pump replacement is also required on 2007 Accord V6 vehicles:

  * Two-door with M/T….VIN 1HGCM8…7A002002 through 1HGCM8…7A004104

  * Two-door w/ A/T…VIN 1HGCM8…7A002029 through 1HGCM8…7A003983

  * Two-door w/ M/T…VIN 1HGCM6…7A037354 through 1HGCM6…7A060259

  * Four--door w/ A/T….VIN 1HGCM6…7A034807 through 1HGCM6…7A057992

The taper shim kit is available under the following part numbers:

  2005 models……P/N 04148-RCA-305

  2006-2008 models…P/N 04148-RCA-306

(includes taper shim, timing belt and timing belt drive pulley gear)

Hondalock P/N 08713-0001 is also required (one container is enough for about 10 vehicles).

Water pump for 2007 V6 Accord: P/N 19200-RDM-A02


NOTE: On certain 2007 Accord V6 vehicles, you will also be replacing the water pump.

  1. Affected 2007 Accord V6 only: Drain the engine coolant into a clean container and save for reuse.
  2. Set the engine to TDC.
  3. Remove the crankshaft pulley
  4. Remove the timing belt covers.
  5. Unbolt the crankshaft position sensor and set aside. Do not disconnect the CKP harness connector.
  6. Remove the timing belt
  7. Affected 2007 Accord V6 only: Remove the timing belt adjuster.
  8. Affected 2007 Accord V6 only: Remove the water pump.
  9. Remove the engine mount bracket.
  10. Remove the timing belt idler pulley.
  11. Try to insert a 0.95 mm feeler gauge between the top edge of the timing belt idler pulley and the back of the side engine mount bracket overhanging the pulley. If you can insert the feeler gauge, go to Step 13. If you can’t insert the feeler gauge, go to Step 12.
  1. Use a grinder with a 2-inch, 50-grit grinding disc to remove material for clearance on the side engine mount bracket. Use the engine mount bracket circular casting offset as a guide for grinding until the lip measures 2 mm thick.


  1. Affected 2007 Accord V6 only: Replace the water pump and reuse the coolant.
  2. Affected 2007 Accord V6 only: Reinstall the timing belt adjuster.
  3. Place the idler pulley shim between the idler pulley and the oil pump housing and loosely install the idler pulley bolt with Hondalock 1 applied to the threads. Be sure to follow the instructions on the Hondalock 1 package. NOTE: The shim tapers from left to right. The word “OUT” is painted in white and stamped into the tang of the shim, and should be readable when the shim is installed.


  1. When tightening the idler pulley bolt, use the square end of a ¼-inch drive ratchet extension to keep the shim’s tab in the correct position. After you tighten the idler pulley bolt to 33 ft.-lbs. (44 Nm), bend the shim’s tab slightly toward the oil pump housing to keep it away from the idler pulley.


  1. Install a new timing belt drive pulley (gear).
  2. Install a new timing belt.
  3. If applicable, reinstall the CKP (crankshaft position sensor) and torque the bolt to 7.2 ft.-lbs. (9.8 Nm).
  4. Reassemble the remaining parts. If you replaced the water pump, be sure to bleed any air from the cooling system after coolant refill.

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