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Ford stall glitch

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Ford stall glitch

Some 2005-2008 Ford Escape and Mariner vehicles equipped with a CD4E automatic transaxle and built from 8-1-2004 and 2-15-2007 may exhibit an engine stall when coming to a stop or when engaging the transmission into drive or reverse.

1. Inspect and repair all non-transaxle codes per the workshop manual and powertrain controls/emissions diagnosis manuals

2. Use the integrated diagnostic system equipment to monitor the PIDs (parameter identification) for TC_SLIPACT as the stall is occurring.

  a. If the slip is greater than 20 rpm, the stalling is not transaxle related. Repair following PC/ED procedures for engine stalling conditions.

  b. If TC_SLIPACT is less than 20 rpm, with the transmission in park or neutral, torque converter internal failure is the most likely cause

3. Remove the transaxle assembly and check the rotation of the torque converter in the bellhousing. A failed converter will be difficult to rotate

4. Remove the torque converter, drain the ATF and refill the CD4E transmission assembly with Mercon V ATF.

5. Install a new torque converter and reinstall the transaxle assembly.

6. Backflush the transmission cooler system as described in the workshop manual.

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