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Acura click

Owners of 2002-2008 Acura MDX vehicles may complain about a clicking noise in the front suspension during acceleration or braking. The probable cause is faulty compliance bushings in the front lower control arms.


Front compliance bushings P/N 51395-STX-A03 (left) and 51390-STX-A03 (right).

Self-locking nuts (two needed) P/N 90381-STX-A01.

Suspension stroke sensor flange nut (for vehicles equipped with the active damper system, two required) P/N 94050-06080.

Ball joint castle nut (two required) P/N 90365-STX-A00.

Lower arm flange bolt 14 mm (four required) P/N 90118-STX-A00.

Lower arm flange bolt 16 mm (two required) P/N 90118-SJC-A00.


Ball joint remover 32 mm T/N 07MAC-SLOA102

Ball joint thread protector T/N 071AF-S3VA000

Listen for one or more clicking noises in the front suspension while accelerating from a moderate stop or while braking. If the noise is detected, proceed with the repair procedure.

  1. Remove one front lower arm assembly.
  2. Replace the front compliance bushing. Make sure that you properly align the bushing with the lower arm, and torque it while off the vehicle to avoid damaging the splines. Refer to page 18-19 in the service manual.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other side.
  4. Check wheel alignment and adjust as needed.
  5. If equipped with an active damper system, perform the headlight initial position learning procedure (refer to page 22-233 in the service manual or online, enter keywords HEADLIGHT LEARN, and select Headlight Initial Position Learning Procedure from the list.

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