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Ram TPMS reset

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Ram TPMS reset

This TSB provides information for tire rotation and resetting the “light load” reset switch for 2008 Ram truck 2500 models.

The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)  “LIGHT LOAD” reset switch will allow the driver to switch between the MAX LOAD INFLATION PRESSUE (cold) low pressure warning threshold and the LIGHT LOAD INFLATION PRESSURE (cold) low pressure warning threshold depending on the vehicle’s load condition.

The tire and loading information label defines the recommended front and rear cold tire inflation pressures for the vehicle when operating in the MAX load condition. A supplemental tire pressure information label is also included, defining light load tire inflation pressures when operating in the light load condition. When the “LIGHT LOAD” reset switch LED is ON, the TPMS is using the light load inflation pressure (cold) low inflation warning threshold.

CAUTION: When performing tire rotation service to this vehicle, tire pressures MUST be adjusted to the specified inflation pressures as stated on the supplemental tire pressure information label located on the rear face of the driver door. After service is completed, the TPMS will need to relearn the location of the sensors. This can be accomplished by driving the vehicle over 15 mph (up to 10 minutes) until the system updates and the TPMS light in the instrument cluster goes off. This must be completed before returning the vehicle to the customer.

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