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Tool Review: Compact gun -- A pneumatic air wrench for cramped spaces

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Tool Review: Compact gun -- A pneumatic air wrench for cramped spaces

What appealed to me about the M7 (Mighty-Seven) 1/2-inch-drive air wrench from King Tony of America is its ultra-stubby size. It’s the cutest, shortest 1/2-inch-drive air wrench that I’ve had the pleasure to try.

The M7 offers a beefy, solid feel and is well built. I put this pro-level gun through its paces over a week’s worth of repair and restoration work, and I’m impressed. While the size and balanced feel is what first drew me to this gun, I did my best to beat it up and it never whimpered. It feels like a tool that will last.

I measured the wrench at 3-5/8 inches in length, from the back plate to the front nose housing. Overall length from the rear plate to the tip of the anvil measured at 4-3/8 inches. Overall height (not including the air nipple) measured 7 inches. Thickness at the front of the housing measured 2.360 inches, tapering at a rear thickness of 2.185 inches. As far as I know, this has to be the shortest 1/2-inch-drive pneumatic wrench on the market, obviously designed to accommodate tight spaces. The tactile rubber-coated grip area features finger grooves, with the finger height area of about 2.760 inches, which provides an ideal

finger grip area for an average-size hand (full grip space with no pinky finger overhang).

If I were forced to come up with a complaint (considering how much I like this little bugger, pointing out anything negative was difficult), it would involve the trigger. While the plastic material seems tough enough for heavy-duty use, the very top of the trigger is open/hollow. In an ultra dirty environment I can see the possibility for debris to enter and possibly restrict movement. However, I’m not overly concerned, since the top of the trigger is shielded by the head. As long as you don’t immerse the gun into a bucket of sand, I don’t see this as something to worry about.

The M7 quickly earned a special place in my heart. For me, it’s one of those “must have” tools for dealing with cramped work areas. While I have 3/8-inch-drive guns of similar size, having something this tiny with a 1/2-inch-drive capability and plenty of gutsy reverse torque is a real blessing. Every time I picked it up, I couldn’t help smiling. It’s just so darned cool.

By the way, since the M7 specifically addresses the subject of space-savings, the maker also offers sets of “stubby” socket wrenches in both fractional and metric formats. The sockets measure a scanty 1-7/64 inches tall, regardless of the hex size. When coupled with the M7, this makes for a super-short working package to address those annoying tight spaces where nothing else wants to fit. The wrench package supplied to us for this review included six-sided hex sizes of 1/2-inch, 9/16-inch, 5/8-inch, 11/16-inch, 3/4-inch and 7/8-inch.



Max. operating air pressure       90 psi

Square drive     1/2-inch

Bolt capacity (shank dia.)       5/8-inch (16 mm)

Torque range     200-350 ft.-lbs.

Max torque       500 ft.-lbs. (delivers 500 ft.-lbs. of reverse torque in  only five seconds)

Free speed       10,000 rpm

Avg. air consumption    4.0 cfm

Overall length    4 3/8-inches

Net weight         3.3 lbs.

Air hose            3/8-inch

Sound level       85.0 dba




2432 Peck Rd.

City of Industry, CA 90601

(877) 708-6657   ●

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