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Ford 6.0 diesel injector failure

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Ford 6.0 diesel injector failure

When servicing fuel injectors on 2003-2004 Ford 6.0L diesel engines, it is essential that the injectors are reinstalled properly. It has been noted that some installations have been incorrect, resulting in injector failure.

-          Remove/install injectors with hand tools only. Use of power tools will damage the injector and injector O-rings.

-          Upon removal of an injector, inspect all O-rings for damage. If there is a defect on the injector sleeve, replace the sleeve per workshop manual section 303-04D.

-          If the injector is to be re-used, always replace the two O-rings and the copper gasket.

-          With the injector removed, inspect the injector sleeve for any debris. Remove all debris before the new injector is installed. Utilize special tools 303-D111 and 303-D112.

-          Use a T-40 Torx bit with a minimum shaft length of 2” to remove and install the injectors. If the Torx bit is too short,  it will contact the injector body and may damage the injector or result in inadequate torque during installation.

-          Prior to injector installation, lubricate the two fuel O-rings with clean diesel engine oil.

-          Prior to installation, inspect the combustion seal and all O-rings to ensure that they are present and not damaged or rolled into the injector groove.

-          Inspect the injector hold down bolt hole in the cylinder head and make sure that it is clean and free of any oil or debris that could impact the bolt torque. Install the injector and torque the hold-down bolt to 24 lb-ft. An under-torqued injector hold-down bolt will result in failure. Note that the 6.0L torque specification is different than the specification used on the 7.3L injectors.

-          Once the injector has been installed and torqued to specification, fill the top of the injector with clean diesel engine oil. Tis will aid the installation of the high-pressure oil rail and reduce the risk of damage to the injector O-rings.

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