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Nissan TPMS

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Nissan TPMS

This TSB applies to all Nissan vehicles equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). If you confirm that the TPMS warning light is illuminated steady or flashing.

Step 1: Turn the ignition switch OFF and then to the ON position (engine not required to be running). If the TPMS warning light is on steady, the TPMS is operating normally and has detected low pressure in one or more tires. Some 2011 models will display an alert in the vehicle information display near the speedometer. This alert will read “Check Tire Pressure” (or similar message) and will accompany the illuminated TPMS light. If the TPMS light is flashing for approximately one minute, there is a TPMS system malfunction. Do not go to Step 2. Instead, check the DTC and refer to the service manual for repair instructions.

Step 2: Leave the ignition switch in the ON position and set the tire pressure in all tires to the recommended pressure indicated on the tire placard. Leaving the ignition switch ON may allow the TPMS to detect the corrected tire pressure more quickly on 2009 and newer models without having to drive the vehicle. After all tires are inflated to the recommended pressure, the vehicle may need to be driven at speeds above 16 mph for the TPMS to turn off the low pressure warning light. Do not use Consult to reset the TPMS.

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