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Paint causes poor ground on Kia

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Paint causes poor ground on Kia

Some 2006-2007 Kia Sedona vehicles with a production date earlier than March 8, 2006, may exhibit a customer concern of an ABS/ESC warning lamp (MIL) being illuminated. Various DTCs such as C2402 or U0001 may also be stored in the control module, or the GDS scan tool may not be able to communicate with the ABS/ESC system at all.

DO NOT replace an ABS/ESC unit without at least first applying the procedure described in this TSB. These symptoms may result from poor grounds at G19 and/or G20, caused by paint remains between the bolt and mating weld nut attaching the ground terminal to the body. This TSB provides a procedure to properly correct this condition.

  1. Remove the engine cover.
  2. Disconnect the mass airflow sensor electrical connector at the air intake duct/air filter housing. Slide the gray lock tab toward the wire side of the connector to expose the connector’s release tab.
  3. Remove the air intake assembly.
  4. Release the two spring clips that attach the air filter assembly cover and remove the cover (with MAF attached) and the air filter to provide better access.
  5. Locate the ground point for G19 and G20. This is located behind and close to the ABS/ESC unit, on the LH outward panel.
  6. Using a 1/4-inch-drive ratchet, 14-inch extension and 10 mm flex/swivel socket, reach behind he ABS/ESC unit to remove the G19 – G20 ground bolt. You may need to insert your other hand over top of the ABS/ESC unit to guide the socket onto the bolt. The bolt used for G19 – G20 is a self-tapping screw which collects debris when first inserted.
  7. Move the ground lug away from the threaded hole so that no debris will collect on or between the ground surfaces during the thread cleaning process. Clean the bolt threads with a stiff bristle brush. DO NOT use a wire wheel, as this can damage the bolt’s self-tapping capability. Reinstall the bolt fully without attaching the ground lug. Run the bolt in and out completely three times (without fully removing he bolt) in order to clean the body’s thread hole. Once again, completely remove the bolt and clean the threads with a stiff bristle brush. Used compressed air to remove any remaining debris from the threaded hole, body surface and the bolt’s threads.
  8. Reinstall the ground lug onto the bolt and fully tighten the bolt to the body. Be certain that the hook on the ground lug is inserted into its mating hole when reinstalling the bolt.
  9. Install all parts in reverse order. Clear any DTCs that may have been generated. Cycle the ignition key OFF, and then ON. Make sure that the ABS/ESC MIL turns ON with the lamp check, and then turns OFF after several seconds. If the MIL comes back on, check for any stored DTCs and repair as needed.

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