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Nissan iPod/iPhone issues

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Nissan iPod/iPhone issues

This TSB applies to all Nissan vehicles equipped with a USB interface. If an iPod / iPhone-related concern is verified on a vehicle while using the USB interface, perform the following steps for initial diagnosis.

NOTE: For vehicles equipped with a Navigation system, make sure to confirm whether the customer is experiencing the issue while using the USB interface or the Bluetooth Audio Streaming features. This bulletin only applies if the issue occurs while using the USB interface.

  1. Power OFF/ON (restart/reset) the iPod / iPhone. The restart/reset procedure is not the same for every iPod/iPhone. The restart/reset procedures can be found at
  2. Check the USB cable. Some aftermarket cables can cause issues with USB connectivity. If the customer is using an iPod / iPhone, the best cable to use is the Apple Inc. branded USB cable. Make sure that the cable does not have a short circuit or other concern.
  3. Confirm the latest software is installed on the iPod / iPhone. Many concerns are addressed by installing the latest software update from Apple.. View the software version of the iPod / iPhone by navigating to the Settings area of the device, then selecting General > About or Settings. Visit and select the applicable device to view the latest software update offered by Apple.
  4. If steps 1-3 have not resolved the concern:

a. Disconnect the cable from the USB interface.

b. Turn OFF the ignition switch and wait 1 minute, then turn the ignition switch to ACC or ON.

c. Connect a different USB device to the USB interface in the customer’s vehicle, then try to duplicate the concern.

d. If the concern still exists with a known good USB device, refer to the applicable Electronic Service Manual for diagnosis of the USB interface and/or AV Control Unit connectors.

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