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Torrent MIL on and no shifts

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Torrent MIL on and no shifts

This TSB applies to the 2008-2009 Pontiac Torrent. If the MIL is on and the transmission does not shift through all gears, DTC P182E may be set in the transmission control module.

Make a quick check of the engine wiring harness being chaffed at the front of the cylinder head machined surface for the valve cover. If the ECM P/N Circuit 1786 is intermittently grounded when the vehicle is in Drive, this code and possibly other codes will set.

If the harness is not chaffed, follow this procedure:

  1. Clear the code.
  2. Adjust the shift cable per service manual instructions.
  3. Check the shifter and cable for proper movement with no sticking or excessive effort to move the shifter through all detents. Correct as needed.
  4. Connect the scan tool.
  5. Start the engine, set the parking brake and apply the brake pedal. Make 10 sets of shifts from Park to Reverse and Reverse to Park. Shift the shifter through all of the quadrants Park to Lo/M and back to Park, five times.

If the DTC P182E set, refer to the service manual and complete diagnostics. If the code did not set, shift the transmission through each shift quadrant while observing Mode Switch (IMS) on the scan tool. If switch circuits A/B/C/P change correctly, the repair is complete.

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