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Saab story

If the ABS MIL is illuminated on a 2011-2012 Saab 9-5, all four wheel speed sensor DTCs C0035, C0040, C0045 and C0050 with symptom byte 06 (shorted) may have set together.

Clear all EBCM module ABS DTCs and remove the key from the ignition. Open and close the driver door to turn off retained accessory power (RAP), and wait 60 seconds.

Test drive the vehicle until the ABS MIL comes on again. Check the EBCM module for new DTCs and perform normal diagnosis on the single wheel speed sensor DTC that sets.

It has been found that when a single wheel speed sensor DTC sets repeatedly that all four DTCs may reset. If all four DTCs reset immediately with symptom byte 06, check the single wheel speed sensor DTC that sets current and again address only that DTC.

If all four DTCs set current, contact TAC. Similar TAC cases have indicated concerns with terminals X105. Check X105 for wires pinched by the connector body, lock or cover. The insulation may not be rubbed through or cut for the DTC to set.

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