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Cop car loss of power

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Cop car loss of power

Some 2005 to 2008 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor vehicles built before 10-19-2007 may exhibit MIL illumination accompanied with a lack of power and/or a buck/jerk condition on acceleration, especially in colder temperatures. This may be caused by an improperly sealed air box resulting in inaccurate air flow measurements by the mass air flow meter (MAF).

  1. Remove the upper air box cover and check the lower case for outward distortion of the walls which results in improper air filter fit. Check any areas along the length and width of the air filter seal which are not in contact with the lower case.
  2. If the case is not warped, do not continue with this TSB and refer to the powertrain controls/emissions diagnosis for further diagnosis.
  3. If the case is warped, replace the air box assembly with part number 8W7Z-9600-A, and clear all DTCs.

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