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BMW high fuel pressure

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BMW high fuel pressure

This TSB applies to 2010 BMW E82, E88, E89, E90, E92, E93, E60, E61, E71, F01 and F02 vehicles equipped with the N54 or N54T engine.

The following HDP high fuel pressure faults may be stored in the DME control module:

- 2FBE (fuel pressure too high after engine stop) on E6x, E8x, E9x and E71 vehicles (DME variants MSD80 or MSD81).

- 1A301 (high fuel pressure after engine stop; pressure too high) on F01 and F02 vehicles with N54 (DME variant MSD87).

- 2BEC (fuel high pressure after stop, pressure too high) on E7x, E8x and E9x vehicles with N55 (DME variant MEVD17.2).

- 11A301 (fuel high pressure after engine stop, pressure too high) on F07 vehicles with N55 (DME variant MEVD17.2).

An erroneous fault is stored due to the DME diagnostic software error. If stored as the only HDP-related faults, 2FBE/11A31/2BEC will not cause SES lamp illumination or drivability complaints, nor do they indicate any failure of the HDP pump.

In most cases, the fault frequency only occurs once.

Do not replace any components or conduct any further diagnosis for 2FBE/11A301/2BEC faults. Clear the fault memory. DME diagnostic software will be corrected in upcoming ISTA/D versions.

If additional faults are stored (besides 2FBE/11A301/2BEC), further ISTA diagnosis should be conducted on the faults identified.

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