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Volvo hub glitch

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Volvo hub glitch

Wheel vibrations may occur if the wheel is not installed in the exact center position on the wheel hub. To avoid radial misalignment between the wheel and hub, they must have the same diameters.

It has been discovered on some Volvo vehicles (1999-2006 S80, 2001-2007 V70, V70 XC and 2001-2009 S60), the wheel hubs may have a center cone with a too-small outer diameter. If a wheel is installed on such a hub, it is possible that the wheel is installed with an offset of 1.5 mm, which can cause wheel vibrations while driving.

If a customer complains about wheel vibrations and it is hard or impossible to remedy the vibration with normal wheel balancing, check and measure the center cone diameter on the wheel hub. The correct diameter is 65.0 mm (2.559”). Incorrect diameters found on some vehicles is 63.5 mm (2.500”).

Check that the hub is not deformed, regardless of diameter. If this is the case, replace both the hub and the wheel on the corner where this deformation is found. It is possible that the wheel, in this case, caused the deformation of the hub.

If a hub with the incorrect diameter is found, replace only the hub with incorrect diameter.

Check that the wheels have a center diameter of approximately 65 mm (approximately 2.6”).

If a wheel with the incorrect center diameter is found, replace only that wheel.

When replacing a hub for any reason, first measure the center cone diameter of the new hub in order to prevent repeat repairs. If a new hub is found with the incorrect center cone diameter, send in a Service Product Report (SPR) and do not use that hub. Do not send in an SPR for an original hub that has the incorrect diameter.

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