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Subaru high idle

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Subaru high idle

ECM reprogramming files are now available to rectify a high idling condition when the clutch is disengaged on 2008/2009 Forester 2.5L, and 2008 Legacy/Outback and Impreza models equipped with the 2.5L engine.

Pack File                 P/N after regrogram       Old P/N               Model/engine  

22611AN01C.pak       22611AN01C                   22611AN01B         08 Legacy/Outback

                                                                     22611AN01A          2.5L N/A 5MT CAL

22611AN00D.pak       22611AN00D                  22611AN00C          08 Legacy/Outback

                                                                     22611AN00B          2.5L N/A 5MY FED


22611AN072.pak        22611AN072                  22611AN071          08 Forester 2.5L N/A CAL


22611AM691.pak     22611AM691                    22611AM690          08 Impreza 2.5L N/A CAL

22611AN441.pak      22611AN441                    22611AN440          09 Forester 2.5L N/A CAL

22611AN421.pak      22611AN421                    22611AN420          09 Forestor 2.5L N/A FED

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