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Ford HVAC fix

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Ford HVAC fix

Some 2009-2010 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator vehicles may exhibit a noise in the dash area after the engine is started or when the customer requests a heating/ventilation/air conditioning temperature change.

Test both drive and passenger side temperature blend door actuators on dual-zone HVAC systems.

1. Start the engine and set the heater control to full heat. Repeat for full-cool setting.

     a. If a clicking noise is not heard at either end of the travel, do not continue with this procedure

     b. If a clicking noise is heard at either end of the travel, proceed to Step 2.

2. Replace the temperature blend door actuator with revised parts. Refer to the workshop manual, section 412-01.

NOTE: The ignition key must be in the off position when replacing the actuator. Energizing the actuator before installation on the HVAC case will cause the part to become miss-positioned, and correct orientation will be lost.

The revised temperature blend door actuator is available as P/N AL3Z-19E616-A.

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