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Suzuki coolant DTC

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Suzuki coolant DTC

Some 2007-2008 Suzuki XL7 vehicles may exhibit a check engine light with DTC P0128 (engine coolant temperature (ECT) below thermostat regulating temperature) stored.

The cause may be mis-calibration for vehicles with rear HVAC. Heat-up time is exceeded due to extra coolant capacity of rear HVAC-equipped vehicles.

Do not replace the engine control module (ECM) or thermostat. Follow the service manual procedure to reprogram the ECM with the latest software. Be sure to click “Clear DTCs” after reprogramming.


99963-00025…….Tech 2 Kit

SPX3000118……..32mb Card (must be updated with current version from TIS2WEB)

J-45289………….CANdi module (connected in line of the Data Link Cable (DLC))

The PC must meet minimum requirements for TIS2WEB. The TIS2WEB link is found in Suzuki Pitstop under “OBD-OBD II & Diagnostics."

NOTE: The tire pressure monitoring system may not show tire pressures after programming. This is normal. The vehicle must be driven for the TPMS sensors to wake up and update the information.

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