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Toyota hybrid DTCs

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Toyota hybrid DTCs

Some 2008-2009 Toyota Camry HV vehicles may exhibit a MIL on condition with one of the following DTCs:

-          P2238….Oxygen (A/F) sensor pumping current circuit low (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

-          P2237….Oxygen (A/F) sensor pumping current circuit open (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

An improved engine wiring harness has been developed to address this condition.

This TSB applies to vehicles produced before the production change effective VINs shown here:

MODEL                 PLANT                          PRODUCTION CHANGE EFFECTIVE VIN

Camry HV              TMMK                           4T1BB46K#9U080445

                             Tsutsumi                        JTNBB46K#93050540


PREVIOUS P/N      CURRENT P/N        PART NAME                                    QTY

82121-33B51          same                      wire, engine                                      1

82121-06b70          same                       wire, engine                                      1

17177-0H010          same                      gasket, intake man. To head No. 1      1

00272-SLLC2         Toyota Super Long Life Coolant                                         3.1 qts


TIS Techstream and software version 3.01.000 or later

Safety gloves 00002-03100-S (small), 00002-03200-M (medium), 00002-03300-L (large).


  1. Using TIS Techstream, check for stored DTCs.
  2. Verify that DTC(s) P2238 and or P2237 are present. If other A/F sensor DTCs are present this TSB does not apply. Follow Repair Manual procedures to diagnose those DTCs.
  3. Follow Repair Manual procedure to inspect the A/F sensor heater and Engine Room Junction Block (A/F Relay).
  4. If the A/F sensor heater and Engine Room Junction Block (A/F relay) are within Repair Manual specifications, replace the engine wire harness. It is necessary to remove the intake manifold and inverter assembly to access the engine wire harness. Note that this is a hybrid vehicle and that high voltage is present. Wear the proper safety gear and follow specific Toyota Repair Manual procedures. Only technicians that have Toyota hybrid training should attempt this work.
  5. After engine wire harness replacement, clear DTCs and verify that no DTCs are reset. Then warm the engine to operating temperature and test drive to verify the repair.

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