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Some Ford Flex and Mercury MKT vehicles equipped with all-wheel drive and built on or before 2-23-2012 may exhibit a metallic ratcheting or flutter type noise during light to moderate tip-in at low vehicle speeds of about 21 mph. The noise may be perceived as originating from the center console area.

This condition may be due to one or both of the bolts that attach the driveshaft bearing support to the front driveshaft bracket base nott being fully seated.

1. Lift the vehicle on a hoist.

2. Inspect the two front center bearing bracket inner bolts. If one or both of the bolts are not fully seated, one or both may be cross-threaded.

3. Remove the two front center bearing bracket outer bolts and the two inner bolts. Discard the bolts(s) that was not fully seated.

4. Using a 8 mm x 1.25 thread tap, clean the threads for the attachment bolt(s).

5. Install the bracket.

6. Apply threadlock to the new bolt(s) and install using hand tools only, torquing the outer bolts to 22 ft.-lbs. and the inner bolts to 177 in.-lbs. Ford suggests using Motorcraft Threadlock 262.

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