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This bulletin applies to 2013 BMW 328i models. A warning regarding brake pad wear may be a mistake. The dynamic stability control module (DSC) calculates the brake pad replacement intervals based on information from the front and rear brake pad wear sensors.

When replacement of pads is necessary, the DSC control module triggers an indicator lamp located on the instrument cluster. However, the brake pad indicator lamp may be illuminated even though a pad replacement is not necessary. Additionally, one or both of the following fault codes may be stored in the DSC control module:

  • 5DE0 (brake pad wear; plausibility, front axle)
  • 5De1 (brake pad wear; plausibility, rear axle)

The cause may be a DSC software error. Perform a vehicle test using the latest ISTA diagnostic software version. Note: when the ISTA system message displays battery voltage only “XX.XX” V, connect a charger.

If DSC has faults 5DE0 and/or 5DE1, enter the test plan. In the test plan, check the CBS data. If the CBS data shows a value within the nominal range of 100% or less, work through the entire test plan. If the CBS data shows an erroneous value such as 255%, the vehicle must be programmed. Program the vehicle with the most recent ISTA/P version (target data status E89X-07-09-518 or later).

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