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Infinite Aggravation

This bulletin applies to 2008 Infiniti EX35 vehicles. The front sonar parking aid sensors may irregularly activate when the vehicle is stopped at a traffic signal (a long beep or series of beeps may be heard). This issue may be caused by vehicle detection sensors (traffic signal induction loops) embedded in the pavement in front of the traffic signal.

If feasible, attempt to duplicate the issue by driving and stopping in front of the same traffic signal where the customer experienced the issue. If duplication is not feasible, talk to the customer to find out if the irregular activation of the parking aid sensors occurred more than once at the same traffic signal. This is an indication that the traffic signal vehicle detection sensors are triggering irregular activation of the vehicle’s parking aid sensors.

If you cannot confirm that the vehicle was in the vicinity of traffic signal detection sensors when the problem occurred, or if you determine that the sonar parking aid is showing signs of other issues, this bulletin does not apply. If you determine that this bulletin does apply, replace both front sonar sensors.

RH sonar sensor…………………..25994-1BA1D

LH sonar sensor…………………..25994-1BA2D

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