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Missing Filter?

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Missing Filter?

Owners of 2009 GMC Canyon vehicles (and a few other GM models) may complain about a spongy brake pedal that has occurred over time, with increased pedal travel and increased stopping effort. The condition may be caused by air accumulating in the master cylinder or by a missing filter in the brake pressure modulator valve (BPMV).

Perform a diagnostic system check. If DTCs are present, address these first. If no DTCs are present, inspect the master cylinder fluid level. Visually inspect the brake system for leaks.

Look at the bar code label on the BPMV (it may be necessary to use a mirror), looking at the four-digit numbers at the bottom right of the label.

Inspect the four-digit number and compare it to the following list to verify if it is one of the affected units.

  • 2428
  • 2438
  • 2448
  • 2458
  • 2468
  • 2478
  • 2488
  • 2498

If the four-digit number on the BPMV does not match one of these numbers, continue brake system inspection. Refer to the service manual Brakes > Antilock Brake Systems and Hydraulic Brakes.

If the four-digit number on the BPMV matches one of these numbers, remove and replace the BPMV. Refer to Brake Pressure Modulator Valve in the service manual. Fill the master cylinder with clean GM-approved brake fluid. Pressure bleed the brake system. Refer to Hydraulic Brake System Bleeding (Pressure) in the service manual.

Using a scan tool, perform the ABS automated bleeding procedure to remove any air that may have been trapped in the BPMV.

VEHICLE                                                      PART NUMBER

GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado…………………...19178751          

Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac G5, HHR………………..…25798971

Chevy Equinox, Pontiac Torrent, Saturn VUE…...19179754

Pontiac Solstice, Saturn SKY……………………...25794479

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