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Ford Blow-off

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Ford Blow-off

Some 2010 Ford F-Super Duty 250/350 vehicles equipped with a 6.4L diesel engine, single rear wheel, 4WD system and built between 8-1-2009 and 2-5-2010 may exhibit a condition where the charge air cooler (CAC) tube blows off. This condition may be caused by inadequate clearance to or interference with the inboard front-to-front (FTF) bracket fasteners at the driver’s side lower corner of the CAC.

If CAC tube blow-off is present at the left hand CAC tube flex joint connection with no interference or inadequate clearance concern, confirm that the vehicle does not have an aftermarket powertrain control module programmer installed or modifications that have resulted in turbocharger over-boost concerns.

If the vehicle exhibits DTC P2263 or other turbocharger boost system performance DTCs, refer to Powertrain Controls/Emissions Diagnosis (PC/ED) pinpoint test KA for further diagnostics.

1. Inspect the CAC for inadequate clearance (minimum 1/8 inch) for possible interference with the inboard FTF bracket fasteners. If clearance is less than 1/8 inch or interference is present, proceed to Step 2. If clearance is 1/8 inch or more, proceed to Step 4.

2. Remove the inboard FTF bracket fastener assembly.

3. Reinstall the inboard FTF bracket fastener assembly in the reverse direction so that the nuts are installed in the interior of the frame section. Torque nuts to 66 +/- 10 ft.-lbs.

4. If CAC tube blow-off condition was present, thoroughly clean all components, especially in the joint clamp areas using Motorcraft Metal Brake Parts Cleaner (or equivalent) and inspect the inside of the flexible CAC tubes for damage before reusing.

5. Reinstall CAC tube flex joint using new clamps. Torque clamps to 71 in.-lbs. Do not overtighten the clamps to prevent component damage.

P/N                              PART

6C3Z-6K786-EA……CAC end clamp

6C3Z-6K786-CA……Tube end clamp

8C3Z-6W651-A……..CAC hose




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