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Bad ball on shifty Ford

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Bad ball on shifty Ford

Some 2011 Ford Crown Victoria models equipped with a 4R75E transmission may exhibit an un-commanded torque converter clutch (TCC) apply or TCC partial apply immediately after the 1-2 shift. This may result in the perception that the vehicle lacks power or the transmission is up-shifting too early. DTC P1742 may be stored in the PCM. In some vehicles, while operating in manual 2nd gear and when coming to a stop, the vehicle may experience a loss of rpm.

1. Install the IDS scan tool.

2. Road test and monitor TCC % solenoid command state – duty cycle and TC SLIP ACT torque converter clutch slippage – rpm while in 2nd, 3rd or 4th gear with a TCC % reading of zero.

3. If TCC % is zero, and TC SLIP ACT is less than 20 rpm, inspect the number 7 check ball in the main control valve body for damage. Replace as required following the workshop manual.

NOTE: It is normal for the PCM to command 4th gear at speeds as low as 19 mph with light acceleration when the throttle position is less than 20%.

P/N                                 PART

EOAZ-7E195-B…………check ball

1L3Z-7C155-AA………..upper valve body gasket

1W7Z-7D100-AB……….lower valve body gasket

XT-10-QLV……………...Motorcraft Mercon LV ATF

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