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Chrysler won’t start? It's a failure to communicate

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Chrysler won’t start? It's a failure to communicate

This bulletin applies to 2012 Chrysler 300 vehicles. A no-start condition may be experienced with an active RFH code B1A80 (electronic steering lock communication performance). Initial ignition key cycles starts the engine, then SKIMs out (engine powers off). After several attempts the starter will no longer engage.

1. Listen and feel for ESCL motor actuation during ignition key cycle from OFF to ACC to RUN to OFF. If you can feel that the motor is actuating, the communication is good. The ESCL is stuck because the retainer is incorrectly installed.

2. If the ESCL motor actuates during ignition key cycle OFF>ACC>RUN>OFF, perform the repair procedure. WARNING: Before servicing the steering column, the airbag system must be disarmed. Failure to do so may result in accidental deployment of the airbag and possible injury.

CAUTION: The steering column module is centered to the steering system. Failure to keep the system and steering column module centered and locked/inhibited from rotating can result in steering column module damage.

1. Visually inspect the steering column lock module retainer to ensure that it is properly seated. The steering column must be lowered to inspect. The torque on the retainer may have been incorrect from the factory. Proper installation and torque adjustment of the retainer will prevent binding of the ESCL.

2. Loosen the ESCL retainer, properly seat and tighten to 14.75 ft.-lbs. (20 Nm).

3. Install the steering column.

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