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Focus on the noise

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Focus on the noise

Some 2012-2013 Ford Focus vehicles built on or before 10-22-12 may exhibit a crunching or creaking type noise from the front suspension on low speed turns over bumps.

1. Attach Rotunda Wireless Chassis Ears or equivalent to each front spring near the top of the spring.

2. Road test by making right and left turns at low speed over an uneven parking lot, attempting to duplicate the concern. If the noise cannot be duplicated, this bulletin does not apply. Follow normal diagnostics. If the noise is duplicated, go to Step 3.

3. Replace the strut bearing on the side generating the noise.

Part number                 Item

DV6Z-18198-A………..Strut bearing

W715490-S442………..Knuckle bolt

W700212-S442………..Strut top nut

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