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KIA throttle reset

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KIA throttle reset

This bulletin provides the procedure to reset (erase) and relearn the Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) adaptive value (throttle valve position) on the following Kia vehicles: Rondo, Forte, Optima, Sorento and Sportage with Theta 2.0 or 2.4 gasoline engines with ETC systems.

After the repairs have been completed, the ETC adaptive value must be reset/relearned. If starting the engine without resetting/relearning the ETC adaptive values, DTCs P0638(throttle actuator control range/performance) or P2110 (throttle actuator control system – force limited rpm) will be stored in the ECM memory and the MIL will illuminate.


1. Check for DTC(s) P0638 / P2110.

2. Clear DTC(s).

3. Select Option/Data Treatment.

4. Click on resetting adaptive values.

5. Select “Reset,” then wait 10 seconds after turning the ignition key off (Relay off).

6. Wait for five seconds after turning on the ignition.

7. Start the engine.

8. Recheck for DTC(s).

If the engine is started without waiting for at least five seconds after turning the ignition to the on position to allow the ECM to automatically learn the throttle valve position, MIL illumination with DTC P0638 and P2110 will occur.

In this case, repeat the above procedure. If equipped with a push button start system, push the engine start button two times without depressing the brake pedal. This will allow the ECM to automatically learn the throttle valve position. Then wait for about five seconds.

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