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VW fuel codes

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VW fuel codes

This bulletin applies to 2009 VW Jetta Sedan/GLI vehicles where the MIL is on and DTC P0087 and/or P0192 is stored in the ECM fault memory.

* P0087 indicates that low fuel rail pressure is detected.

* P0192 indicates fuel rail pressure sensor circuit is low.

Before beginning normal diagnosis, ensure that the vehicle has the correct fuel filter. The 2.0T filter should have a 6.5 bar stamp on it. If the filter is incorrect, it may result in a lean or rich fault code to be set in the ECM, with no drivability symptoms.

Perform a fuel pressure sensor test. Refer to Repair Manual Group 24 Multiport Fuel Injection in ElsaWeb.

If the difference between the test gauge and ‘actual’ fuel pressure (MVB 1062) on the vehicle diagnostic tester is greater than 5 bar (73 psi), test the wiring to the fuel pressure sensor using ‘Guided Fault Finding’ in the vehicle diagnostic tester. If the difference remains greater than 5 bar after the wiring test, replace the fuel pressure sensor.

If the difference between test gauge and ‘actual’ fuel pressure on the vehicle diagnostic tester is less than 5 bar, do not replace the fuel pressure sensor. Instead, replace the high pressure fuel pump. 

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