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Whistle while you work

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Whistle while you work

If a 1996-1998 Nissan Pathfinder exhibits a high pitch squeal or whistle from the front hub/brake area, the cause may be the front hub dust seal. This noise can be heard while driving next to a wall where the sound is reflected. The noise is also more likely to be heard after several miles with the front wheels at normal operating temperature.

A countermeasure front hub baffle plate is available to resolve this issue. The countermeasure baffle plates are modified to also function as dust seals.

To confirm that the noise is not a brake pad squeal, drive the vehicle next to a wall at 10-30 mph. If you hear a high pitch squeal or whistle, lightly touch the brake pedal and listen for a change in the noise. If the noise changes or is eliminated, the likely cause is brake pad squeal. If the noise does not change, remove and discard the front left and right dust seals and replace with the countermeasure baffle plates.

RH baffle plate……………….41150-1W400

LH baffle plate……………….41160-1W400


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