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Don’t break the Infiniti fob

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Don’t break the Infiniti fob

Infiniti warns against damaging intelligent keys when battery replacement is required. The intelligent key features a notch on each side. These notches are NOT to be used for battery access. Inserting a tool and prying in these notches can damage the printed circuit board.

1. Remove the mechanical key from the intelligent key.

2. Place a piece of tape on the end of a small flathead screwdriver.

3. Insert the screwdriver into either of the slots at the end of the intelligent key (see Figure 1).

4. Turn the screwdriver until the two cover pieces separate. And replace the battery. Make sure that the + side of the battery faces the bottom cover piece.

5. Re-attach the two cover pieces by pushing them together.

6. Turn the ignition to the ON position and confirm that the intelligent key battery discharge indicator is not illuminated in the dot matrix display.

7. If the indicator is still illuminated, turn off the vehicle and exit the vehicle, making sure to close the door. Re-enter the vehicle and turn it on. The indicator should be off.


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